WWII game, one of the best.
by Cracker August 27, 2003
1 Word related to BF 1942
Better than sex.
I'd rather play BF1942 than have sex. Both at the same time, however...
by Ba-tuhl-fee-uhld-1942 July 29, 2003
Short for the game Battlefield 1942. Available to play online with other "1337 g4m3rz" as a multiplayer like mohaa and cs.
"u want 2 play bf1942 4 a bit?"
"yeh ok"
by brendan September 05, 2004
The best World War 2 game out there. Also has a mod called Desert Combat, which is the best Gulf War game out there.
I was killed 4 T34's in my Tiger tank in BF 1942, w00t!
by Elite December 02, 2003
its a game which owns you
I own you in bf1942!
by B@D~Shin Akuma July 27, 2004

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