initials for All Time Low; used when one feels extreme depression, loneliness, or just plain fucking sad
I'm fucking ATL 24-7.
by ATL President March 31, 2003
Home of the pimps and money makers for shizzle my nizzle!!!!! Don't front my nigga represent your shit fo' u get busted gangsta style!
I pimp mah bitches in ATL!!
by Your Mamy!!!! August 27, 2003
ATL is my city mutha fucka. I run that shit!
ATL hoe!!! ATL hoe!!!
by ATLhighgirl February 11, 2004
R. Kelly's new motto, "Any Thing's Legal".`
She's ATL in my book.
Atlanta, Georgia. Used by ghetto retards that are trying to abbreviate Atlanta but are too dumb, drunk, high, or a combination of the three to realize that ATL and Atlanta have the same amount of syllables.
Yo, I is livun in da ATL fo sho.
Translation: I'm a dumbass.
by Name June 15, 2004
The short term "atl" stands for Ass, Tits, Legs.
YO!!!! check out dat atl
by the one and only cheif April 21, 2006
Abortions That lived
Stupid humans who believe they are above the law in the ATL, it has now been changed to Abortions that lived
by Johnel November 08, 2005
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