Abbreviation of Atlanta.

Mostly used by those numerous residents of the city, whose lack of education renders them unable to spell out the word in its entirety.
There is a high unemployment rate in ATL.
by Tojoskawitz June 22, 2009
A place that is famous for its airports and donuts(Krispy Kreme)Also, thats where all the best rappers come from.
Lauren(local atl inhavitent) Damn it feels good to be a gangster! I love donuts!
by Caris July 17, 2006
The airport code for Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta, GA.
by star8706 February 02, 2003
The most bombay city on the planet. The finest ladies and the pimpinest dirty south soldiers. Holla A-T-L!
Yo son, i be rollin in the A-T-L, raisin hell, and when i go to jail, you can't raise the bail
by Andre30o0boi May 10, 2003
refers to 'American Thug's Life', other than atlanta as usual
doug: you seen that movie ATL starring T.I yet cuz?
rob: american thugs life..
by Vu N. September 17, 2008
ATL does not stand for Atlanta. I will never see it that way. ATL stands for All Time Low aka the best band ever.
Girl: " Hey, what does atl stand for?"
Other Girl: " All TIme Low! duh!"
by alltimelowfoeva August 29, 2010
Literal abbreviation for "Above the law". In Dom/Sub speak, it's the role that abides by no safe words.
While kicking in the eyeliner/fishnet wearing emo's teeth, Johnny yelled "Tomato this, I'm ATL bitch!"
by J. Law October 03, 2006
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