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Supposedly the academically-gifted. That can be true, however, we like to believe that AP stands for "Advanced Procrastinator." We often don't care about what we're learning, we just want that weighted average. We casually share answers, discuss test and essay questions, and occasionally sleep in class. Our assignments aren't normally started until the night before their due-date at the earliest, yet they're all turned in on time. We hardly ever study - only the last 10 minutes before a test. It's a competition of who knows the most in class. The only time we seriously study is the two days before the AP Exams. We get excited talking about the essays afterward.
AP Student: I was up 'til 1:30 last night writing my AP World essay.

Non-AP Student: Didn't you have two weeks to write it?

AP Student: Yeah, but I didn't feel like doing it.
by fkjljkdslaj June 26, 2011
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The kids on top of the academic food chain. Kids who have brains that are capable to absorb and complete information ranted out by their teachers. Also, the kids who know how to sleep for approximately 2 hours a night AND stay up during the school day. These kids have tests every week and study for an average of 5 hours for one test. Sometimes, there is no homework for weeks...but the challenge to absorb all information is more daunting than completing worksheets every night. Also, these kids are much more academically competent than the kids from regular-level classes. YOu can ask an AP Bio student how one gets cancer and he/she will give you a 2 hour lecture on it. But can a regular kid do that? I don't think so.

But when it comes to social aspects, these kids are extremely varied. Some tend to keep to themselves because to them there is absolutely no other pleasure than getting 100s on the tests. Some talk to other AP kids...exclusively. While others look dumb as phunk but are actually competent in class. And some still have friends.

Sadly, these kids are expected to pay $87 per exam to take the somewhat-mandatory exam in May. Ironically, the ones who have to pay $87 dollars also spent 87 hours studying and 0 hours of sleep. $87 for th infamous test booklet? That some crazy bullshiz.

Finally, these kids EXPECT and WANT bliss, fun and ease after the AP exams. But for first year AP kids, this is still a mystery.
Dude, that AP Student don't sleep. But sure as hell he's smarter than us.
by DoMe!!!! February 06, 2010
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a generally nerdy person, except for the few in the class that are kickass individuals. they spend most of their time copying outlines from the book website or e-mailing their friends to say FUCK I HATE THISS or generally to pass on some good ids. they do not read the chapter until the night before the test. for the final ap test, they like to alternate between freak out mode for which they are famous for among their non-ap friends and the standard "i dont even care" which makes them feel better about their 2 hours spent studying. their palms sweat before their test and afterwards they share a jumping highfive and then get drunk for the first time of their life from pure excitement. this is what goes down for an ap student.
"i am an ap student"

"wow u only get drunk to celebrate the end of ap test"



"mom she started it"

"no germany started it when they invaded poland"
*collective BURRRRN*
by cranberryyyy May 05, 2006
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is a student that barely appears in most of their classses, turn in all the homework late, get a cool shirt in the middle of the year, and somehow manage to pass all their classes with nothing lower than a B+
Xavier: oh man I really have to start on that summer reading project.
Andrew: wasn't it due like, yesterday?
Xavier: yeah
Andrew: You're such an AP Student. btw, what did you get in your AP tests.
Xavier: Straight 5's
Andrew: I hate you.
by pit chik August 23, 2005
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1. A student who's taking more than one AP class in an academic year.

2. Typically is either naturally smart or a really hard worker. Or a combination of both. Occasionally you'll find an average kid trying to be an AP Student, but is unable to handle it, so they drop out.

3. Often someone will label themselves as an AP student when they're only taking one AP class (usually Psychology or Environmental Science). These are what we call wannabe AP students.

4. They're at the top of the academic food chain.
Non-AP Student: Why did you take AP? It looks so hard!!!!

AP Student: I'm trying to have a future.

Non-AP Student: Jeesh, someone's arrogant.

AP Student: Well when you land that fast food job, remember I don't like pickles on my burger.
by 123stop July 05, 2012
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A student who used to be super chill and funny but is now ridiculously stressed out and has relatively no friends on account off the massive amounts of AP work they have. Such students can often be found wondering schools with a blank expression not giving a fuck who they talk to because they have to get to class and finish that all important last piece of English homework before the bell.

It is strongly recommended that one should never, ever take and AP class during high school.
Hot Chick: Hey Sam you want to go make out after school in the back seat of your car?!?

Sam: (In a tired mumble) mmmbhhmbm I needa study for my 8 AP tests or something mmmbmbhhm

Hot Chick: Your such an AP student!
by The masked 69er October 17, 2010
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these type of students truly hate themselves and have absolutely no life what so ever and are striving hard to be the best they can which ultimately leads to failure. The average AP student takes over 3 AP classes. Some students have realized what a grave mistake this was and are contemplating dropping out and haven't done their work or studied for a test since September. Of course, there are the super extra hard workers and the naturally smart absorbing information person.... and then everybody else in between. Also, you've probably cried while doing homework or studying or at least tried to
john: I'm going to be an AP student and become very successful and go to a good college
Matt: That's awesome!
*2 years later*
Matt: You wanna go out tomorrow
John: Can't I have 6 tests tomorrow and three projects due and I haven't done anything and I wanna die and drop out and regret all of my life decisions
by peasant101 January 30, 2017
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