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1 definition by fkjljkdslaj

Supposedly the academically-gifted. That can be true, however, we like to believe that AP stands for "Advanced Procrastinator." We often don't care about what we're learning, we just want that weighted average. We casually share answers, discuss test and essay questions, and occasionally sleep in class. Our assignments aren't normally started until the night before their due-date at the earliest, yet they're all turned in on time. We hardly ever study - only the last 10 minutes before a test. It's a competition of who knows the most in class. The only time we seriously study is the two days before the AP Exams. We get excited talking about the essays afterward.
AP Student: I was up 'til 1:30 last night writing my AP World essay.

Non-AP Student: Didn't you have two weeks to write it?

AP Student: Yeah, but I didn't feel like doing it.
by fkjljkdslaj June 26, 2011