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1. A student who's taking more than one AP class in an academic year.

2. Typically is either naturally smart or a really hard worker. Or a combination of both. Occasionally you'll find an average kid trying to be an AP Student, but is unable to handle it, so they drop out.

3. Often someone will label themselves as an AP student when they're only taking one AP class (usually Psychology or Environmental Science). These are what we call wannabe AP students.

4. They're at the top of the academic food chain.
Non-AP Student: Why did you take AP? It looks so hard!!!!

AP Student: I'm trying to have a future.

Non-AP Student: Jeesh, someone's arrogant.

AP Student: Well when you land that fast food job, remember I don't like pickles on my burger.
by 123stop July 05, 2012

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