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AFR = Accidental Fecal Release
Term used by lifeguards to refer to floating poop in a pool.
We had to shut down the wavepool due to an AFR.

The little boy had an AFR in the river.
by KellyC. November 02, 2005
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accidental fecal release
I laughed so hard I had an afr.
by grammargoddess January 22, 2009
AFR=Arg, fucking reception: What one communicates to one's audience when the receipt sequencing of one's text messages is altered by a service provider originated send-command error.
A: I just got a bunch of jumbled texts from you

by Bapumule September 30, 2011
Absolutely fucking ridiculous.
He sent you a canned response to your email, that is AFR.
by brooktin November 18, 2009
Away From Reality
Compare with AFK, which means "Away From Keyboard." One cannot be AFK and AFR simultaneously; You're either AFK or AFR.
I couldn't get a hold of Tim because he's at home in his room playing wow. He's always AFR.
by GeneralSubliminal August 21, 2009
AFR means a fucking retard that has no life
man 1:Jeffery is a total AFR

man2:no ur a bigger one n33b!!!!!!!!!!!
by Ruben Rosen January 11, 2006

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