"Away From Play(station)"

AFP is an acronym to say to your friend that you will be right back in few moments.
Player 1 : AFP for 5 minuts, my little sister has vomited
Player 2 : You could only say AFP...
by Wetie April 12, 2011
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A very talented female percussionist, who has been acutely repressed by a group of (usually male) individuals. Essentially, ANGRY-FEMALE-PERCUSSIONIST.
Oh hot damn! That chick is one AFP...we better stop stealing her drumsticks.
by P_plus_Ink November 10, 2006
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Originated by Lindsey and later modified by Lynn and Jessica. Original meaning "A lot of Fuckin Pot" now means "A lot of Fuckin People" so as to be used by us when we arrive at the lunch line.
(Arriving at lunch line) Lynn: Dude, AFP.
by Frows December 11, 2004
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