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Defined by Jessica to describe Lynn's laughing reply to a joke. The laugh was classified as a grunt and Jessica called Lynn a Gruntlet to make fun of her.
Jessica: Haha...Gruntlet.
Matt: Gruntlet? What the fuck is a Gruntlet?
Jessica: It's a little person who grunts.
by Frows December 30, 2004
Created by Matt one night when he was craving both Chinese food AND burritos. Lynn then presented him with burritos shaped like egg rolls from Chili's. The heavenly food was christened as the Eggrito and was also proclaimed by Matt as to be the name of his son if he ever had a half-Mexican, half-Chinese child.
Matt: (into tape recorder) EGGRITO.
by Frows December 30, 2004
Pronounced "See-Daf". Stands for "Can't Do Anything For Herself" and was created by Lynn, Stacey, and Jessica in junior year English for their friend Lindsey, who usually depended on her friends to complete her schoolwork. The name still applies to her now.
Lynn: "Lindsey asked me for the Vocab words today...She's such a CDAFH!"
by Frows December 14, 2004
Brandon's fake boner that we created for photographical purposes.
(Caption of picture): Rise, Magic Weinie!
by Frows December 11, 2004
Originated by Lindsey and later modified by Lynn and Jessica. Original meaning "A lot of Fuckin Pot" now means "A lot of Fuckin People" so as to be used by us when we arrive at the lunch line.
(Arriving at lunch line) Lynn: Dude, AFP.
by Frows December 11, 2004
What it is called when you get smoke in your eye. It is rather irritating and causes your eye to tear up and impair your eyesight for a mere couple seconds.
Rich: Yeah, I rolled a joint about as thick as my finger and when I smoked it, I got dickeye like 10 times.
by Frows December 11, 2004
Brother I'd Like to Fuck. A Good example of one is Shawn Wilkes, brother of Brandon, who can easily be checked out when one goes to his house. If you are lucky you may see him shirtless!
Lynn: Lindsey, I went to Brandon's house last night and Shawn was there! He is such a bilf!
by Frows December 20, 2004

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