a fuckers band this band sucks nd it dosent desreve to even be a band
yo AFI is the shittest band or w.e the fuck they r ever. they suck the hairy cock
by me me me nd mor me February 09, 2005
Case 1: A band that straight males listen to to win favor over straight-edge or emo girls or girl-friends. See also Frontin'
Case 2: Or in the case of sensitive males: A band that reminds males of the love said males and above said straight-edge or emo girls formerly shared.
Case 1:"Me and my girl are just like Theresa and Thomas(AFI song)."
Case 2: "Turn that shit off, man. I don't want to talk about it..."
by Thom K. July 09, 2006
acronym for asking for it, suggesting a stupid action inviting disaster.
The food here sucks. Getting a 1-day eat-all-you-can coupon is AFI.
by mrfunky August 18, 2005
Afi is a band called A fire Inside..
They are one of the Gayest bands eva created and only emos love them because emos are gay to..
Lol A Fire Inside SUckz ( AFI )
by Afisgay August 22, 2006
A band that claims to be punk rock but in fact are just a group of flaming EMOtional homosexuals. In an attempt to claim they are not EMO, they just whine and and cry to the public that they are not emo... thusly making them EMO.
Important non emo person #1 AFI is emo
Important non emo person #2 Agreed
by Drello June 23, 2006
A Fire Inside
A really shitty scene band where the singer sounds like he's whining instead of actually singing.
My ears almost bled when AFI came on the radio for the 12th time that hour, so i put in a sublime cd instead.
by 5ubliminal January 10, 2006
A punkband that was around in the 80's but now they all just need to DIE.
Stands for "All Fucking Idiots"
Group: Hey lets go to an AFI concert!
You:Hell no, you ARE an AFI!!
by loveme_2death666 March 09, 2006
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