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Assistant Dean of Pledges traditionally found in African American Fraternities and Sororities.
My ADP kept our line focused on the goal.
by Thutmoses April 23, 2007
101 23
All Day Pajama Syndrome: Dubiously scientific name for the trend of wearing pajamas all day long, and in public.
50 or more moms gathered at the school gate every day to drop off their kids and every one of them suffered from ADPS.
by Doggie Dogster May 24, 2011
10 3
Already Dead Person
Girl: Man, i'm an A.D.P., I don't feel anything anymore. I'm constantly depressed.
Guy: I know what you mean.
Girl: We need counseling.
Guy: Mhmm.
by A.D.P.inRealLife October 30, 2011
6 5
Academic Probation
I got straight f's, so now I'm on the ADP list. Ugh.
by Jennnnyy <3 September 15, 2008
16 42
Asian Dragon Pussy, the pussy that asian girls have and that many white guys crave
Who Frank? Oh yeah, the dude that loves the ADP
by ADP hunter February 01, 2005
12 67