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A sexual joke when a man, after getting head from a girl, at his climax he jizzes into her eyes causing her to squint like an asian and scream like a dragon
Brian: So, how was Ashley last night?

Andy: Bro, I pulled an Asian Dragon on her!

Brian: Dude! Kind of harsh, but it's about time you showed up that bitch!
by kilometeros September 04, 2008
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Descendent of Korean (or Other) origin that holds unparallel qualities of general awesomeness, be they human or reptilian in form. Typified by an individual with a penchant for acts of extreme kindness and ability to cope with sleep deprivation.

Feeds mostly on Red Bull.
Dr. Lee, you haven't slept for 24 hours? You're such an asian dragon.

"Where's Dr. Lee?"
"He's flown across the atlantic...just for the weekend."
"What an asian dragon."
by f-dowg May 18, 2010
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