Ateneo Children's Theater

An over-rated club found in the Ateneo in the Philippines. Composed mostly of gays, barely staright boys, and vain annoying girls.They all think they are emoor chavs and always brag about their phyichal appearance and belongings.Normally seen wearing black clothes, glasses with little or no grade, Emily Strange and Nightmare before Christmas merchandise
Example:Oh **** it's the ACT again out to piss us off and nag on how much better they are compared to us!
by Some people (Haha) March 21, 2007
This place I live in. Commonly known as Canberra as it's the capital of ACT. And Australia as well.
So where do you live? Oh yeah, in ACT!
by Random Random October 27, 2004
Act is short for ACTually. It is only used in the indirect questionative form, meaning it is only used to question something someone says but not really looking for an answer.
Person A: Yo that fly hunnies diggin` yo phat ride!
You: ACT?

Just like saying "Really?".
by J master flex November 01, 2005
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