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verb of "llan" which means to "laugh like a nerd" (Nall is backwords of llan)
Mark nalled all night long at Rin's nose.
by Kyle Nall April 29, 2009
Character from Lunar, a series of Japanese role-playing games published for the Sega CD and Playstation systems. An infant white dragon that resembles a small cat with wings. His quirky attitude and wit masks his emotional sensitivity and need for his friends.
"I want to be a cat in my next life. That way I can have an excuse for licking myself in public."

by Nallcat May 08, 2005
verb, infinitive: to nall- when a male slams his phallus into the anus of a female. Usually a derogatory term after a one night stand.
1) Daaammn! That bitch got nalled.

2) Just wait, I'm gonna nall that hoe tonight.

3)Bob: Dude, that chick in first period is pretty hot.
Jim: You mean Allison?
Bob: Yeah, her.
Jim: Dude, I heard that bitch has been nalled.
Bob: Oh... fuck that.
by Robert Paul-Alexander Williams March 21, 2007
Saying no to a group of people.
Group: Want to go to the movies with us?
Person: N'all.
by sexyhenrypenis November 04, 2010
Strange creature whose native habitat is Singapore. It is usually harmless, spouting unintelligible Japanese sentences at innocent passerbys, but the unpredictable nature of this entity makes it potentially dangerous to cross.

It will hotly deny its appearance as being that of a flying kitty. Agree with it when it does. Do not feed, and do not break eye contact if a quick escape is needed.
This is Nall. He is a force of nature. Nall is not to be questioned. Understand?
by Yubi Shines April 08, 2005
n. A male who believes that he is a pimp; however, he really is only a gimp.
Mr. Knieriem was the only one to see through Nall's facade, realizing that Nall was no pimp like Jon Smith.
by Shotgun Larry May 02, 2003
1. Just another female that thinks she's something special
2. Anal retentive woman who believes everything should be the way she envisions it in her idealogical, yet meretricious view of the world
you're just another nall of many
by LordJeebus March 27, 2003