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Someone who is degenerate or is as morally low or lower as a degenerate. Its origin is on Family Guy when Peter makes up an insult to counter the term "degenerate" which he believes is also makes up.
A degenerate? Well you are a festizio.
by Klotz November 27, 2003
A behavioural anomally known to exist in Costa Rica. When a human is sober, they can touch the local dogs with ease, while crabs will run away as fast as they can. When the same human is under the influence of alcohol, dogs run away almost instantly while the human can reach down and touch crabs with ease.
I tried touching the crabs on the beach, but it didn't work until I was drunk because of the Crab-Dog-Alcohol Hyphothesis.
by Klotz November 04, 2003
to raise a number to a power of itself
3 klarbed is 27
5 klarbed is 3125
by Klotz September 14, 2003
ACronym ORieNted.

A term used to describe entities that rely heavily on acronyms.
The US Military is ACORN.
by Klotz January 19, 2004
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