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3 definitions by ATowny

When you're acting aloof online, not responding to emails, initiating IM chats, replying to evites, etc. The opposite of acting e-ffusive.
Guy_98: wtf? you super busy today or what?

Girl_01: no. why? what's with the 'tude?

Guy_98: you haven't replied to my evite or said hi on gchat. you're acting e-loof.
by ATowny April 24, 2008
To sit at a table with someone while you both have laptops open, opposite one another, as if you were playing battleship.
Dude A: Ugh. I can't believe your didn't pay your internet bill. I really need to check my email.

Dude B: Whatever, let's just take our laptops to Costa Coffee and play battleship.
by ATowny April 22, 2008
An attractive teenage girl who is a few years younger than you -- too young to date, hook up with, or even flirt with, unless you have no shame.
"Damn! What are we doin' in here? All ages clubs suck. Nothing but a buncha acorns and slimeball old guys in here."
by ATowny January 17, 2008