Angus Young, Malcolm Young and George Young were all born in Glasgow, Scotland before they moved to Australia. George was the first of the brothers to pick up a guitar and join a band, The Easy Beats. Malcolm and Angus soon wanted to learn aswell. Malcolm started AC/DC in 1973 playing rhythm guitar with Angus playing lead guitar(they got the name from the back of their sisters sewing machine and thought it would be funny to have a name that was slang for bisexual even though none of them were). They recruited Colin Burgess(drums) Larry Van Kreidt(bass) and the first singer for the band Dave Evans. Angus Young went thorugh a series of outfits, The School Uniform, The superhero suit(when he called himself Super-Ang) back to the legendary uniform from his secondary school which was suggested by his younger sister Margaret. After Skipping a gig Dave Evans was replaced by chaufeur Ronald Belford 'Bon' Scott, Ex-singer of the Valentines.

19 February 1980
After a night of partying and heavy alchohol intake Bon Scott passed out in Alistair Kinnears car. He was left in the car with a banket over him as Kinnear thought he was sleeping. The Next day he was rushed to hospital and pronounced dead. Not too long after AC/DC thought Bon would have wanted them to continue with the band. But they needed to find a singer. but they left it for a while after having a go at some executive for rushing the mourning of Bon Scott. Then they realised they needed to find a singer so set out on auditions. Brian Johnson former singer of Geordie (who Bon was a fan of) took himself tot he audition and a couple of days later he was the singer of an extraordinary band. They completed the memorial album Back in Black. Their biggest selling album. They have had many more albums though each one successfull.
AC/DC one of the greatest bands of all time with a rough past
by Charlie-g July 25, 2006
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1) Best fucking band on the Earth
2) Alternating current/direct current; or cord/battery
3) Bisexual
AC/DC rulz
by anonymous January 06, 2004
The greatest Classic Rock band to walk this planet. The lead guitarist is Angus Young. His brother, Malcolm on the rythem guitar, the leadman is Brian Johnson. They are the best of the best.
AC/DC is not metal, its classic rock.
by ZeroIce January 09, 2005
A relatively good band from Australia that made it big in 1980 with Back in Black, a silent tribute to the late lead singer Bon Scott. A shirt that says Back in Black is rampant in schools, and the vast majority of the people who wear these shirts and think they're badass oldschoolers have never even heard any of their songs, with the exception of the chorus of Back in Black (the song).

So, in short: A good band that many poseurs claim to like simply because they think it's cool, despite the fact they probably don't own/never downloaded the album.
I was listening to Shoot to Thrill when that motherfucker skate punk who thinks he's the shit strides up to me and says fake-psychedelic-like "Dude, what is that song man? And like, who sings it?". He's wearing a Back in Black shirt, and I say "You must be fucking joking, right? You're wearing a shirt that has the name of the album on it!". He replies "Oh yeah dude! This is AC/DC! Must have had a brain skip dude!"
The best fuckin rock band to ever exist. THey have been going for thirty years now and still run circles around most bands today.
TNT, Back in Black, Thunderstruck
by carnival fun May 27, 2005
The greatest band ever started in 1973 by Malcolm Young. Their first show was on new years eve 1973 at Sydney's Chequers Club. Currently consisting of Brian Johnson, Malcolm Young, Angus Young, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Wilson but have many other lineups during the years.
by Emmi March 06, 2005
A rock band from Australia. It has been disputed exactly what genre of rock music AC/DC is, but wheather they're Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, or whatever, AC/DC is one of the greatest rock bands of all time. AC/DC has been considered one of the founders of heavy metal, along with bands like KISS and Led Zeppelin. In 1974, AC/DC recruited lead singer Bon Scott, and released a string of LP's. In 1975, they released their first studio album (originally released in Australia only), titled 'High Voltage', followed by 'T.N.T' shortly thereafter. In 1976, they started to gain a little bit of international success, because of the release of 'High Voltage' and 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheep' in Europe and the U.S (actually, the U.S didn't see 'Dirty Deeds' in stores until 1981, but whatever). Finally, in 1977, they released their first international album, 'Let There Be Rock'. AC/DC enjoyed radio airply, high album sales, and high grossing tours, for quite some time. Unfortunately, shortly after the release of their 4th international album 'Highway To Hell', singer Bon Scott was found dead in the back of a friends car. He aperantly died because of a combination of Hypothermia, and choking on his own vomit (a popular trend among rock stars). Scott's friend, Ozzy Osbourne, wrote the often misinterpreted song, 'Suicide Solution' about the late singer. Later that year, AC/DC recruited a new singer, the infamous Brian Johnson. They released 'Back In Black' in late 1980. It is now the 5th highest grossing album of all time-selling 21,000,000 copies in the US alone. This was because of the ever popular singles 'Back In Black' and 'You Shook Me All Night Long'. AC/DC continues to release popular albums today, and retains a vast fanbase, even through all of the changes the music industry has endured.
Most fans of AC/DC now days had no clue that they were even from Australia, or that they even had another singer who died, because most AC/DC fans now are just poseurs.
by REDWHITEnCrue25 August 18, 2005
In Australia (where AC/DC originates) this band is often referred to (mainly by blue collar types) as Acka Dacka.
What's your favorite band mate?
Acka Dacka of course...
by Rick B. January 11, 2005
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