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For the true fans of AC/DC, no matter how long you have been a fan, and you get AC/DC's message...you have good taste in music and you know how to rock. Some information i provide may be less than accurate so ONLY the TRUE fans are allowed to correct me.
For the Posers of the AC/DC band listen very carefully as I correct every fucking thing you have mis-stated:

AC/DC is stands for Alternate Current/Direct Current which was proposed by the Young brother's sister, who found it on the back of a sewing machine. Their Australian fans call them Acca Dacca. If you want proof i highly suggest reading the interview with them prior to their Stiff Upper Lip album on Yahoo launch. Their name was not intentionally implying ANYTHING about Satanism as they have also publicly denied. So NO...It does NOT stand for Anti-Christ/Devil's Children.

Angus's school uniform on stage was also suggested by his sister. Both the Young brothers are scottish born. AC/DC is in the hard/classic rock genre. It became considered "classic" because of comparison to todays contemporary genres but considered "hard" back in their own times. Metal had not even existed when the band had began...being that rock and roll had only been created two decades prior to their first gig. Unless your brain dead, all their albums were excellent...unless your not a true fan.

AC/DC's message was nothing more than to rock'n'roll and nothing less. Angus's influence in guitaring includes blues players such as Chuck Berry, which explains why his solo's are very bluesy based with heavier distortion. His signature guitar is the Gibson SG. Angus began playing guitar when he was 5 years old but got more into it in later years.

None of the band members are gay as suggested by the name connotation, which they weren't aware of, because Angus is married to his wife Ellen.

Angus was 15 when the band began.

The first singer was Dave Evans who had been with them in '73 but left in '74 because Angus and Malcom didn't think he was suitable because he was more of a glam rocker.

Bon Scott was the band chauffeur at the time and was then the frontman of the band. He then died ten days after Highway To Hell was made when found dead because well...lets say he "partied hardy".

Brian Johnson became their next singer and made the album "Back in Black" with it being black as a tribute to Bon. The Bonfire Box set was also a huge tribute to Bon Scott.

There are lots of tribute bands to them that suck and will never compare such as the fagg band Hayseed Dixie, which does nothing more than mock their way of rocking.

AC/DC has publicly stated and we fans hold them to their promise "Rock is never gonna die".

They are working on their next album which was suppose to come in 2004 but will probably come out much later so get your money and start saving for a concert tour in the US and/or UK.

If you've never SEEN or HEARD Bon Scott rocking with AC/DC you should buy the Family Jewels dvd because there are twenty songs with him in it. It's only twenty freakin' bucks you cheap shits.

If you own, have owned, use to own one of Brian Johnson's hats, an Angus Dollar Bill, Angus's signature guitar, or were the one who won the eBay auction to have a guitar lesson with Angus Young, the guitar meister extraordinaire...your a very lucky bastard as you own a legacy of Rock and Roll that lasted more than 30 years and continues.
Jack: Who is AC/DC?
Me: Rock Band.
Jack: What's so special about them?
Me: Go Kill yourself.
Jimmy: Are they any good?
Me: You go kill yourself, too.
by TrungVo January 02, 2006
A guitar company with shark tail fret things on the fret board. Is awesome.
You have a jackson? yea...it rocks ass.
by TrungVo January 02, 2006

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