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Nashville multi-instrumentalist / singer / songwriter / recording engineer John Wheeler's bluegrass band that pays loving tribute to heavy metal and bluegrass by demonstrating the similarities betwixt the two. As Barley Scotch (Wheeler) is apt to say, “That ‘Lost Highway’ of Hank Williams and AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell’ are indeed the same road!” The core band includes the Brothers Reno: Deacon Dale and Brother Don Wayne Jr., whose father surely taught them about the transmogrification of music. Banjo pioneer Don Sr. wrote the famous "Dueling Banjos,” which the Dixies cover on their fourth studio album (and their live DVD) -- Not to be confused with equally talented Americana singer / songwriter Christopher Wyant, who goes by the name “Hayseed.”
Cityboy: "What the hell is THIS?"
Countryboy: "That's Hayseed Dixie."
Cityboy: "WTF?"
Countryboy: "You've heard 'Detroit Rock City,' right?"
Cityboy: "Yeah..?"
Countryboy: "This is the version WE like!"
by RodMc August 01, 2006
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