A tight-shirt ripped-jeans clothing line that endorses long walks on the beach and shitty perfume. In other words, the Common Faggot's dream store. Also see Hollister and American Eagle.
Blake: Hey man, want to go to the mall and get some shit at Abercrombie and Fitch?
Steve: No thanks, I'm not a metrosexual dickwad.
Blake: :(
Steve: Who the hell names their kid Blake anyway?
by rotflmfaool April 12, 2008
A place where people (mainly the teen crowd) shop for clothes and stuff. Basically everyone on the planet shop there so usually you'll see a whole bunch of them sporting the exact same outfit. I say, why pay so much money to look exactly alike?

Note, I do not hate Abercrombie and Fitch because I can't afford it, oh no, I've bought jeans for twice the amount in places like Nordstrom's, BCBG, and bebe. I am also not fat, I'm a size 3. I dispise it because the people who shop there {well not ALL per sé) lack originality.

Seriously, if you're going to spend 85 bucks on jeans, why the heck would you apend it on a pair that like every other girl in America has?? Abercrombie is also selling sex which is disgusting especially since they have a younger fan base. If you don't believe me go ahead and type in Abercrombie & Fitch on google. Like they also have thongs for 7 year-olds! What the heck!?

I hate Abercrombie with a passion, and all those girls who think they're better than everybody else or richer just because they shop there need to be smacked.
Girl Number 1: OMG lool at this totally hot cami I just bought from Abercrombie and Fitch! Don't you just like love it!?
Girl Number 2: Hey, doesn't Mia have the same exact one?
Girl Number 1: Uh, who cares it's from Abercrombie!

another example

Girl 1: Like ohmigoodness look at this new shirt I got from Abercrombie!! Isnt it so hot!?
Girl 2: Um it looks like any other T-Shirt.
Girl 1: Um DUH! It has Abercrombie plastered over it in big letters so like everyone will know I shop here like!
by Melanie <3 August 07, 2006
An extremely overpriced clothing store for suburban adolescents between the ages of 11-19 (although the age is getting younger, I swear that in a few years, 4th graders will be getting boob jobs, allowing them to have the body of Lindsay Lohan). This store, contrary to popular belief, not only appeals to twiggy girls and preppy guys who think they're "ghetto" even though they buy clothes from Abercrombie and Fitch, but also rather obese girls as well. It's surprising that they even fit into the clothes, when as is, they rip and tear on anorexics, but on the more pudgy girls they somehow find a way, usually with their stomachs hanging out the front of their see-through t-shirts all the way down to the low seams of their hip-huggers. In addition, these girls are also the ones who insult girls who have a brain in their head that they need to buy these poor-quality, overpriced, thrift store-esque clothes with a blinding Abercrombie label repeatedly shoved on wherever there is a square inch of pure, easily ripped fabric. I guess, at Abercrombie and Fitch, the less fabric there is, the higher the price tag!!
#1-Anorexic: Oh my gawd, this mini is soooo cute! And, it's only $99.99! I totally have to buy it now before anyone else does, so I can make fun of anyone who buys it after me! I mean, what is the point of wearing a mini unless you can see my thong through all these holes in it? What size am I, an 18 now? Gawd, I wish I fit into a size two, those girls are so hot! You can see their ribs!
#2-Pudgy Girl- I guess they don't have my size here. Wait! If I hold my breath I can fit in a size 2! My stomach only hangs out when i exhale! And this jeans are cute, too! If I rip my jeans because my butt is too big, I can say the rip in the crack is because the denim is so, um..., fragile...
by Chloe March 25, 2005
Their brand image is all about beauty, and class; to most people its quite frankly vulgar. But this is the interesting thing, the same people who find it vulgar, find it irresistible, and seductive. They cant help but think, by simply buying these expensive clothes, they’re buying themselves into the elitist class the brand sells. Regardless of what people say, it’s a proven fact that the quality of the products these brands sell are better than other retail brands, and you can tell that when you shop there the clothes immediately feel thicker, comfier, the swing tags look and feel expensive, everyone who works there are beautiful; this all adds to its seduction, even if you hate the idea of it all.

What works for these brands are that they tap into our egos. They are either our regular store we go to spend all of Mummy and Daddy’s money, or we’ve been seduced and cant help mixing with the ‘upper class’ and fulfilling our retail guilty pleasure.

You could argue this ideology is wrong, but Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, Jack Wills are hugely successful brands, they have selected a powerful target audience which provokes opinions which only adds the their success. You either love it, hate it, or pretend to hate it but secretly love it.
Abercrombie and Fitch, just another guilty pleasure like sleeping with your girlfriends sister. You know you shouldn't, but shit she's hot!
by Matt Cambridge May 20, 2011
The clothes that everyone wears at your school. You walk into the cafeteria and everyone has a bag with a model on it, everyone has a giant label across their chest, and everyone looks at you funny because you're not wearing it.

A expensive and overpriced clothing brand, only comes in solid colors with the label across the front. Comes in jackets, shirts, skirts, jeans. Made in Vietnam by people paid 25c an hour.

If you took the label off, it'd be worth about 5 dollars.

XL is Medium, L is small, and S is extra-small. You have to weigh under 140 pounds at the most to fit into something.
"I made 2 dollars today making shirts for rich people in America!"

Abercrombie and Fitch sucks ass.
by bridgette oz July 03, 2009
Clothing that is not made of any higher quality than any other line of clothes that is sold for what you'd usually pay for a small boat.
I wish A & F didn't over price their clothes because it's the only store where I can find clothes to fit me, as I am a tiny Italian woman.
by it's clothing, get over it March 18, 2005
Abercrombie and Fitch?More like Clothes for a b*tch.
That store if fairly lame containing with overpriced items and a huge overdose of perfume or colonge that makes you want to barf whenever you get a long wiff.
The clothes are so normal that they dont' deserve the price they get. Like a t-shirt with the logo Abercrombie and Fitch costs about 40 dollar sometimes. I bet it's made out of cheap material.
Since so many people beleive it to be a great store people are starting to join this "fuss" by getting the clothes and thinking they'll fit in or finnally be accepted when all they're doing is seriously wasting their money and buying cheap fabric. Some of the clothings thought are good, but most of them are not. since it's nothing but fabric and the logo printed on.

(at the mall)
Person1: Hmm which store should we go too?
Person2: Lets just go from store to store

(3 hours later)
Person1: Hey what's this place
Person2: Oh it's a clothign store woah i thought it was a place for strippers
Person1: WHy would you think that?
Person2: Look at the models they're like nude and some if you're lucky semi.
Person1: Wow what an airhead (looks at one of the abercrombie male model pictures)
Person2: Isn't this the place where everyone likes
Person1: Huh oh yeah Abercrombie and Fitch
Person2: Lets just try it i mean it can't be all that great . . . how can it get that many people to come anyway there's a big semi nude man on the display
Person1; Guess it attracts the ladies look inside it's packed
person2: Wow attracts some men too (points to some men)
Person1: Well lets shop . . . ughhh woah what's that smell
person2: I think it's perfume
person1: I think they sprayed a little too much
person2: A little i don't think theirs even any oxygen in here without being contaminated by perfume of cologne.
Person1: This place sucks i rather be listening to Miley cyrus and i hate her!
by Random person! December 31, 2008

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