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An island located North of Guam. (670)
Ey are u from Hawaii?

PSH no.

Where u from then


Is that part of the Philippines?

by Joseph Dela Cruz April 06, 2006
Saipan, The capital island of the Northern Mariana Islands, comprised of 14 islands located in the Pacific Ocean. Located north of Guam. However, Guam is not part of the Northern Mariana Islands. The NMI (Northern Mariana Islands)is part of the Micronesian region of Oceania.
John- Hey! Where you from?
Antonio- Saipan
John- What's that!
Antonio- It's not what you stupid! It's Where's that? You incompetent F***!

(Refer to description)
by LCpl Torres, USMC January 29, 2008
the largest island of the United States Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) at 15°10’51”N, 145°45’21”E. Demographics: 30% Pacific Islanders (Chamorros, Carolinians, Chuukese, etc.) the racist-ass motherfuckers who boast about Saipan being their land and that the Asians should leave. Most of which are unemployed. 57% Asians (Filipinos, Chinese, etc.) who make up most of the workforce. Although the United States government supports Saipan with money, the indigenous Pacific Islanders make up the government, meaning that the government is a bunch of dimwits. Thus, the infrastructure is in decay. The school's or poorly maintained and the hospital just straight up sucks. The people of Saipan enjoy having BBQ at the beach, drinking Budweiser, chowing SPAM, chewing pugua, performing sexual intercourse with their not-so-distant relatives, and buying all their groceries at Joeten.
John: Hey man, your new, where are you from?
Jose: Ohhh bat, i'm from Saipan che'lu!!!
John: ...
John: ...What the fuck is that?
by xeL. January 24, 2011
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