American Broadcasting Company
What's on ABC tonight?
by Anonymous November 30, 2002
To do the ABC's is to drink alcohol, smoke bud, and snort coke at the same time
Last night I did the ABC's then puked 5 minuets later.
by Kammy312 December 02, 2007

Ima join the ABC wen im 18!!
by b0b February 25, 2005
The first three letters in the Alphabet.
A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q........and so on.
by Dickie JC July 13, 2005
an extent; very; whoa; madd
that shyt was abc funni

thas fucked up like abc joe
by Kristy March 16, 2005
Anyone But colors... another example of pure white bull shit and assholes who wont play the Ms.America this year I HATE U ARAAGDGGG... see NBC

ALSO SEE George W. Bush under my name :)
Son:holy crap i think thers finally color on ABC.
Father: *slaps the kid* dont make me slap u boy
son: u alrdy did
Father: Listen kidd ABC just isnt for colored ppl.
by |)R.pHiL October 25, 2004
A term used in the hospitality industry, when you work every night. "Always Be Closing"

these people rearly see sunlight and drink ALOT...
friend: hey, man come to my place and chill later
bartender: can't man, i'm A B C atm. no time...
by lucas Pucas September 03, 2006

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