The worst thing to happen to rock music that isn't a hair band
Abba fan:I saw ABBA yesterday!it was awesome!
Hair band guy:I saw Def Leopard yesterday! It was better!
Real rock lover: you both need excorcisms.
by Yaususushs June 01, 2010
Pioneers in the music industry, they became one of the first pop bands to use subliminal mind control successfully. Millions of people worldwide still fall victim to the mind control in their songs, somehow convincing the listeners that their music was good. Unfortunately, some movie producers also fell victim to this, leading to a movie being released based on the music of the band. This dreadful occurence scared anyone not afflicted by the mind control, and is believed by many to be the first sign of the apocalypse.
Pop singer 1: "Man, were never gonna get a record label, were tottally shit"

Pop singer 2: "No we wont, well just do what abba did!"
by The Book of Grum February 27, 2009
The Worst band in the History of the world.
They are so Shit, The cows don't want them back.
Girl: Wanna go see ABBA?
Guy: No They are the Ultimate Shitness.
Girl: *Jaw Dropped*
by Jaiimehh July 17, 2008
"No" used best when highly irratated
"ABBA!" or "I can't believe you, ABBA!"
by Kelc November 16, 2003
A really sucky group from the disco era.
Idiot: OMG!! I love ABBA!! You are the dancing queeeeeen...
Person with good taste in music: Dude, ABBA sucks.
by Gee Gee Ramone July 15, 2005

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