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Those named Abbas are quite likely to be the most caring of individuals, unable to upset or cause harm to those around them. They skip and sing several times a day to evoke their un-compromised happiness for life, and often break out a smile even when they attempt to look angry or upset. They tend to be very athletic and ridiculously good looking, but sometimes fail to pay attention to their lower bodies when training, which at times can result in somewhat skinny legs.

They often have few worries or troubles, and accept life for what it is, however at times can struggle with the concepts surrounding the earths origins, namely around the existence of dinosaurs; which can profusely confuse them.

On the whole those named Abbas are quite close to the perfect human beings, but occasionally stumble for their love of celebrities, for example Manny Pacquiáo or Jessica Ennis. However, this is a slight flaw, and on the whole knowing anyone called Abbas is a privilege.

They are sweet, affectionate and make the best of friends.
"I recently met an Abbas, don't know how I functioned before then!"

"Abbas is amazing, close to an adonis, practically the real life version of Clark Kent"
by Ari2162 December 19, 2012
Johura is a female name often gifted to the utmost beautiful women in the world, whose physical appearance is but a fracture of their caring, giving and hilariously funny personalities. Those of this name tend to be the bestest of friends in perhaps, the whole entire world, and would probably cut a limb off for the people they love.

If you are lucky enough to meet someone by this name, hold them close, lock them in your basement for the next 50 years and don't tell anyone, because sharing people by this name is a ridiculously hard thing to do. They are the women who will stand by you, no matter what, and if you let them, will change your entire life.

Those named Johura are truly brilliant, like stars they light up lives, illuminate galaxies, and quite possibly eternally blind those who aren't quite prepared for the journey they are about to embark upon.

They are beautiful, caring, intelligent as HELL, funny, and tend to have stunning facial features.
"Dude, I met a Johura yesterday! I'm surprised I can still see straight!"

"And then Johura walked into the room and I kid you not everyones mouths fell to the basement.."

"Excuse me uni administration, I need to transfer classes, I only took this one because I thought Johura was in it"
by Ari2162 December 19, 2012

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