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1. An excuse for uptight censors to impose "decency" on the public so they don't lose sponsors who push suggestive beer, car and lingirie ads on us.

2. An unintentionally funny explanation of VH1's future "most shocking TV moment." See also, "Soy Bomb."
Oh, no! A wardrobe malfunction! Let's call Mr. Coors and apologize for the indecency right away. Stern - you're fired!
by j-diddy April 30, 2004
Amanda is being such a beehatch today.
by J-Diddy March 20, 2003
Short for American Airlines. Used soley by the company on their signs.
man: Where's the AA meeting?
chic: At the church.
man: Where's the American Airlines meeting?
chic: In the office.
by J-Diddy April 12, 2005
1) to permanently delete file(s) on a Windows-based computer.

2) A euphemism for the curse word "shit"
holy mother bull shiftdelete! I just shiftdeleted all those files!
by J-Diddy March 20, 2003
Expression that sometimes results in the misinterpretation of a person of Indian or Pakistani decent trying to form a curse word combo. "ass bitch shit"
mother ace beach sheet on that beach! mother sheet bull ace!
by J-Diddy March 20, 2003
A female from African descent with an apple-shaped booty
That Waschika be havin an off the chain applefrika
by J-diddy November 27, 2003
A situation or an issue that arises and causes problems.
We've got a bit of a sticky wicket here.
by j-diddy March 22, 2004

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