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Another word for failure.

Derived from the sound that the troll in Harry Potter does when he misses Harry and instead hits the floor with his club.
Person 1: Yesterday I woke up and thought I've overslept. So I rushed to school. Then I discoverd it was Saturday.
Person 2 :A-hunga on you.

Person 1: I a-hunged Anthony yesterday.
Person 2: You did? Why?
Person 1: He crise-texted me at five in the morning because he thought he hade developed hornes in his forehead. It later turned out to be some of the missing cheese balls from last weeks party.
Person 2: He totally deserved it. A-hunga on him.
by MissTwilda April 08, 2011
Ahunga is a discreet word for a overly fat person not a normal fat person but morbidly obese.
Guy 1: (sees fat girl) Ahunga!
Guy 2: Dude thats so messed up.
by CDawg! November 20, 2010

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