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abbreviation for Adrenaline-Face, ecstatic facial expression during an adrenaline-rush experience, often from an activity aimed at self-imposed bliss.
Check out the a-face in this selfie base jump video.
by beachie April 24, 2014
one who is rude or stupid
"GOD Jeff you're annoying!" Tod exclaimed
"GOD Tod you're such an A-FACE!" Jeff replyed
by Mandi Watts December 06, 2007
A combination of bringing your "Game Face" and bringing your "A Game".
Dude, these kids seem quite legit, I think we need to bring our A Face this game.
by MopHead24 May 02, 2011
A-face- a named coined by coco-mel is a unique brand of man that have been known to eat large quantities of food, have disastrous gas and shop at baby gap. Will puke with the slightest hint of intoxication or a very bumpy road. Another notable quality is the extreme addiction to a certain "" A-face's have been spotted spending as much as $10 to go on this website and check on their beezies.

The A-face species have been known to milk at random. When around them it is recommended you cover your bosom and or be on the look out.
A-face is the friction in your jeans.

The bestest A-face likes apples but loves coconuts.

"I'm A-face! I'm playing at jAmErS house tonight with CaPiStRanO!!!"

"do these pants make my butt look big? Im A-Face"


"Andy, Andy, Andy,Andy,Andy,Andy,Andy,Andy...."


"Why is She number two?"

"What the hell is wrong with me?!??"
by Stevie Ray Sendejas July 28, 2006
Your "A face" is your awkward face. The face you show to the world when you are feeling distressed, embarassed, uncertain or inept.

By giving your awkwardness a cute name, you are then able to focus on the humor of the situation, cleverly distracting those around you from your discomfort.

Similar to it's better known cousin, the "O face", but instead of appearing orgasmic and utterly fulfilled, you will simply look uncomfortable and self-conscious.
Amanda and Amy were having a fantastic time at the 21st Annual "I'm Coming Out As A Homosexual" festival when all of a sudden, they saw their husbands at the funnel cake stand.

Amy- "Uh, does this mean what I think it does?"
Amanda- "Wow, I hope everybody brought their A face!"
by oneforyou January 21, 2011
Ass face:
Someone with an extemely ugly face.
Someone who is being stupid or mean.
Holy crap Tod did you see that chick? She's a total A face.
You're such an A face Susan! A zodiac sign is the month you were born!
by Mandi Watts December 02, 2007
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