One who fantasizes about sex, but doesn't really want it. Masturbation is not out of the question. Some may be bi, gay, or straight, or even pan.
Is that guy acurious or something...?
by kyjds May 17, 2010
Top Definition
When a person is either homo-sexual, hetero-sexual, or bi-sexual and begins to have second thoughts about any sexuality at all. The end result is a-sexuality, but the intermediary time period in which they are experimenting with a-sexuality is a state of "a-curiosity".
Sarita: Why does your gimp (figurative gimp, not literal) not like men or woman?
Marci: I've wondered that too, but I have come to a conclusion on this. We used to believe Ali (my figurative gimp) was homo-sexual, since he spent too much time with men. But through extensive questioning I have determined that his mind is changing. He is experimenting with... err, nothing! He finds intercourse with any sex unsatisfying. Therefore, he is A-Curious.
Sarita: *cries of laughter*
by Marci Marci (ohaisarita) October 05, 2010
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