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The Stevejob is a sex act in which one partner uses a vibrating Apple product as a dildo and penetrates the other partner's sexual orifice of choice.
"Michael just gave Emily a Stevejob... He might wanna clean his phone case after that."
by SkeuZ September 02, 2014
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This is a modified version of the Hot Carl. Except this is completed while two individuals are speaking to one another on their iPhone's using the application FaceTime. While speaking to one another, one of the two people will proceed to defecate on their iPhone. Thus, performing an electronic version of the Hot Carl
Earlier today I was talking with my girlfriend over FaceTime and gave her a Steve Jobs. She loved it!
by Pyriel66 June 24, 2011
Occurs when several guys are gang-banging a girl at once, in multiple orifices. All at once, they pull out and cum all over her i-phone.
Me and a few bros pulled a Steve Jobs on this girl last weekend, she lost like 500,000 contacts. *high five
by Alexander Thomas Yarbrough April 16, 2008

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