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Origin of word: Milwaukee, WI
Cell phone street code for a "Cocksucker" (It rhymes.)...a "Ho" that is down to serve pipes. Straight blow dicks. Usually said to initiate interest when talking to a homie when the Ho is in your presence.
Playa on a cellphone with another Playa driving in a car.

Playa 1: Yo, where you at boss? I got Amy in the ride and she is "A Hot Supper!"

*Ho in the car is giggly and flattered because she thinks your speaking nice of her*...Dumb biatch!

Playa 2: Hey Hoss *Hoss = Horse, well hung guy*...You hollering about running the rotation? I will get Marko and we can all pipe her!

Playa 1: See ya at the crib!
by Marko Schmidt November 20, 2006
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