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Givin' it your all, 110%. Being fucking LOADED and fuckin' shit up!
"I was so wasted on Saturday, I fucking was 'given her the hot supper' and beaten the piss outta this old truck on creek road!"
"Chandler was watching the sox game and he was like damn hes really given her the hot supper with that home run."
"Scotty B walked into the room, and Buck was layin' on some chick, and Scotty screamed "GIVER THE HOT SUPPER!""
"Buck nascarin' it and deffinatly was given her the hot supper, as he rolled it."
#giver #hot supper #supper #buck #chandler #vermont #mount holly #belmont #driver #redneck
by Toddrobert33 January 13, 2008
To hit on someone while they are drunk, but take it to an excessive amount. Unwanted drunken physical, sexual contact.
"I walked in the room, and saw Todd with his hand down Elizabeth's pants, and thought "hes deffinatly yeah buckin' it""
"I was sitting on the couch and Rob put his hand up my shirt, I thought, wow, hes trying to yeah buck it on me, thats so not cool, hes so ugly"
#yeah buck! #driver #hot supper #buck #tits #boobs #felt up #2nd base
by Toddrobert33 January 13, 2008
A short, fat, piece of shit ass hole. Actually name, Pinkowski.
Todd-"We were down in Pinky's barn, it was so cool"
Rita-"Are you retarded Todd, Pinky's a dick!"
#pinky #dick head #short #fat #retard #ugly #quiet #virgin
by Toddrobert33 January 13, 2008
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