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96ing is when you and your partner sleep in a opposite parallel position, clothed, each facing outward to their respected sides In order to avoid all sexual contact with the other, what so ever, while sleeping and/or reposing in the same bed.
yes, bill and I were 96ing, it was the awkwardest not-fucking experience I've had since I was 16 trying to court various cheerleaders.
by witionary April 09, 2011
69ing, but for 96-year olds.

by mynameisweeple November 16, 2011
opposite of a 69. Requires 2 people to rub each others anus towards the back of the person's head.
Tom: that 96ing positions felt akward last night

Karla: Yeah, the back of my head smell like poop
by Crzycoco April 13, 2010
the act of reverse 69ing, where the couple rubs their assholes off the back of eachothers heads
Billy: my hair was filled with poo particles after 96ing with Sarah last night!
by clunge88 May 12, 2011
The act of masturbating in public, typically while on a passenger plane.
Did you hear about Neil? He was caught 96ing while drunk on his flight home!
by Threefeet November 04, 2010