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5 definitions by Crzycoco

opposite of a 69. Requires 2 people to rub each others anus towards the back of the person's head.
Tom: that 96ing positions felt akward last night

Karla: Yeah, the back of my head smell like poop
by Crzycoco April 13, 2010
41 32
Smhd means "suck my huge dick"
Tom: Karla smhd.

Karla: okay *pulls pants down*
by Crzycoco September 16, 2009
52 48
When someone is cised or when someone said something hot and someone else says "giggty" or when someone is horny
Example 1
Glen: I want to take out my hotdog .... giggty

Example 2
Peter: She got more boobs than Megan Fox

Glen: Giggty!

Example 3: I'm so giggty to go to chuckee cheese
by Crzycoco September 16, 2009
20 18
Means Crazy Butt-hole sex but the word "sex" is replaced with "secks"
dude we had Crazy Butt-hole secks but my but hurts nao
by Crzycoco March 22, 2010
1 3
A time where Oprah Winfrey comes up to you, not to give your a car or a school county, but to lick her vagina.
Bill: Look, its Oprah!!! Can I get a car?

Oprah: No, but you can lick my va-jay-jay

Bill: *Calls Tom* DUDE oprah wanted me to lick her vajayjay!!

Tom: Aweshum
by Crzycoco February 01, 2010
11 15