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Northern Orange County. Slighty more blue collar, down to earth and culturely diverse than south OC or 949.
"she's 714, goes to cal state fullerton and wears weird vintage clothes."
by shellzeee June 07, 2004
los angeles area code. covers hollywood, los feliz, silverlake, eagle rock, koreatown..the hippest neighborhoods. land of the cool, and starving wannabee actors/rockstars/writers/filmakers/artists.
"he was all arty and 323, untill he sold out andwent all 818.
by shellzeee June 07, 2004
area code in orange county, ca. refers to the "deep south" oc..middle class, tract homes, the most suburbinan suburb ever.
"she listens to blink 182 ans wears roxy shit..so 949"
by shellzeee June 07, 2004
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