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Oswald is a guy that fell in love with a girl named Anita O.A.

on 9-28-09..he loves her so much.. evry second wit out her is hell... he doesn't want anything 2 happen between them that isnt good...Their are many dates dat he remembers with his Gorgeous on 9-25-09 we had our 1st kiss and on 10-28-09..and more.. I really LOVE Anita she means more 2 me than anything i own... Anita O.A. this definition is 4 you...TE Amo!dnt let me go..
Ex;damn 92809Oswald&Anita wow why is their tomatoe sauce on the couch?

Man 1 damn dat Anita girl is gorgeous

Man 2:wtf dude dats my girl

Man 1:sry man she is beatiful

Man 2:No prob man its jux i get Jeolous i love her
by 92809 December 02, 2009
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