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To rob. Verb. Present tense of juxt.
Im gonna jux that faggots wallet.
by Jimmy the Rando November 25, 2004
to rob or steal, a robbery
Im lookin for a jux.
by Nels-Buck December 05, 2007
a jack move; to rob a nigga if he's stylin on you
I got the hoody and the mask on, I'm comin' for the jux!
by OG Killer Bobby Johnson November 12, 2010
A carefully planned robbery of any criminal entity or persons by another such entity or persons by way of a gun being the principle tool.
one drug dealer plotting and then Juxing (robbing) another drug dealer.
by O.G. YELLO July 04, 2010
A vicious stabbing administered by New York rapper, Necro.
"Juxed 51 times, women screaming, blood everywhere, bound and gagged, i'm feeding stabs."
by Wardog July 10, 2008
to get stabbed, esp. in the stomach
He had sex with yo mama? You better jux that fool.
by West Orlando January 26, 2004
back the fuck up
get the jux away
by brad12344383409830298490238490 February 15, 2009

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