the day that america finaly woke up. to most ignorant people that cant see past the faces of the goverment it is a day when osama attacked america. but to other eagle eyed citizens, it is when the cracks of corruption in the white house started to show. Americas goverment left many open clues that have been seen by others. here are a few:

Georges lie:
George bush was reading to a class when suddenly a body gaurd of his told him a second building had hit the south tower. a few months later on LIVE TV he was talking about the incident. he said he was sitting OUTSIDE the classroom and saw on TV the first plane hit the building, when infact the video of the first plane never emerged till september 12th 2001! a lie fortold by the ex-president.

The Bomb blast:
When the first plane hit, suddenly an impact was felt a few floors down. that was impossible, due to the fact that a plane hitting a building would take ages to reach as low as that position. examinging the video fotage you see bomb blasts coming from 20 floors down.

The Implosion:
If you watch a video footage of a controled demoltion you see that it implodes (inside explosion) and then falls verticaly. watch 9/11 footage and you see it blows up inside then the building then it falls verticaly.

The Windowless-armed plane:
The plane recorded by passers by on 9/11 was seen to have no windows. it also seemed to have a set of double loaded missle launchers under the wings. this means that the plane would have to be virtualy empty to fly if it was a boieng 474! therefore the conclusion is that it had to be a military jet. no other passanger plane could hold so much weight including bagaging, passangers and raw materials.

Cost to run:
Look away at the facts of that day, but to the coincedences that lead up to this point. the north and south tower where HUGE. they cost alot to run and money wasnt the owners object. when the towers were first built, each frame wireing was sprayed with fireproof asbestos, a product which causes cancer. to get rid of it all from both the buildings would cost over an excess of 100 billion dollars. they never had the money and if fast action wasn't token fast then the two towers would have been shut down. this meant they would lose alot more money. so if the towers were, blow up by "terrorists" then the insurance policy would pay. there fore they get a WIN WIN situation.

After the events of this devistating day, america felt they need to do something. now this is where the goverment came in, and we leave the corrupt owners alone. take this for example. people felt un easy and scared with their national security. The American board took this as a way to steal oil. they used it as a point to invade a country looking for a "man" that supposedly did all this. a few months or years later, after votes were coutned in, Afghanistan was invaded. for what? terrorism. now because of america afghans have turned to the talaban to get help. the talaban have been created, to protect their home land. dont think of them as bad because of the media, think of them as good protecting their country from zionist corrupt goverment. they are stopping america.

Thanks for reading, and spread the word. america and britian is corrupt and they will get you.
DUde1: after reading that i got a headache
Duuude2: atleast we are now informed
DUde1: true say. lets re open the 9/11 case
Duuuude2: lets do it!
by TheKingSabz January 02, 2009
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A day on which terrorists (supposedly from the Al-Quaeda network but what do we know, it's our media after all) hijacked 4 planes. 2 hit the World Trade center Towers, toppling them. Another one hit the Pentagon. The fourth was surmisedly aimed toward the Pentagon as well, but the passengers re-hijacked and crashed it. Overall, 3000 people died. Some people say it was a conspiracy. Some believe the government's story. Some tell people to shut the hell up and stop grieving because they say they had their chance to grieve, while in reality they just didn't get affected directly (how do they know the one talking about September 11 wasn't?). Yet more make a point of the fact that the U.S. does far worse things. My opinions don't matter. What does matter is the repercussions and how our government handled it, shouldering off all the aid attempts from the UN after asking with open arms for assistance, as well as to start a couple oil wars. But I digress.

In summary, 9/11 stands for september 11th, 2001. That was the date of the terrorist attack. It symbolises different things to a lot of people. My only oninion I'll stick in is that people should keep their views to themselves. You could really offend someone talking about that, and possibly get your ass kicked to Nebraska.
by Fugerko.? December 26, 2003
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The best thing that ever happened to country music.
Lyrics to newest country song: "9/11, terrorists, Osama, 9/11, Kick your ass." It's gonna be a big hit.
by L3375k337 March 26, 2008
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the day that screwed up america and all of its allies royally (well, only the ones that actaully declared war with the jackass). also the day that made america hate bush 10x more than we did in the first place. but more, it was the day when not only everyone was scared for life and/or lost a loved one, it was also a day when thousands of our loved ones were going to be sent to their meaningless deaths in the middle of the desert.
god bless america? how are we blessed when hundreds of ppl are dyin a senseless death everyday?
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 18, 2005
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A tragic day which symbolised the beginning of the end for modern society...
It's suspicious how the dignity of Western Culture declined rapidly in the aftermath of 9/11...

Unethical business practises, decline in intelligence, trashy celebrity culture, sexualisation of children, saturation of marketing, superficial beauty, global recession, city riots, social unrest, permissive attitudes, relationship breakdowns, mediocre television, banal music, progressive cynicism, political apathy, corrupt authority figures etcetera...

Although these issues have always existed in society, after 9/11 they not only became recognised, but also widely accepted :/
by GoAskAlex1991 January 25, 2012
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When the Pentagon was crashed into, he grass around it was smooth enough that you could play golf on it. When planes crash they leave some kind of debris.

None were found at the crash scene.
by HyperactiveToothpick June 07, 2005
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verb, pronounciation (to nine-eleven): to lie to somebody, partially telling the truth with the purpose of deceiving somebody.
When your girlfriend comes back from a holliday, and you suspect her of cheating on you, you say:

Listen up, you better tell me what happened and don't even try to 9/11 me!
by ErikZ October 14, 2006
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