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1.The alias for the man who gave the anonymous tip to the newspapers in the Watergate scandal that led to President Nixon's resignation. Now confirmed to be W.Mark Felt. He got the name 'Deep Throat' from a pornography movie.
2.For a woman to give a blowjob that almost(or does) touches the back of her throat.
1. "Im so mad, Deepthroat was some old fucker."

2."My baby gave me some great head last night."

"Was she a Deepthroat?"
by HyperactiveToothpick June 01, 2005
September 11.

See conspiracy.
When the Pentagon was crashed into, he grass around it was smooth enough that you could play golf on it. When planes crash they leave some kind of debris.

None were found at the crash scene.
by HyperactiveToothpick June 07, 2005
The greatest urban, message-sending, unappreciated rapper in the world.
He didn't sell shit in album records, but goddamn he was the shit.
by HyperActiveToothpick April 30, 2005
An old term used at the end of a show before a commercial, the 'dial' part referring to old TV's that had dials to change channels. Some shows still use this, and only use it because other shows do. Other shows now use the term 'Don't touch that remote' or something like that.
Don't touch that dial, we'll be back after these messages.
by HyperactiveToothpick May 28, 2005
The most saddest excuse for an insult EVER
Claude: You hapscallion!
Josh: Dude, get out of prep school.
by HyperActiveToothpick April 30, 2005
1)A typo for the word play, for people who type too fast.
2)The Paladin class in the game Diablo 2.
2)my paly would totally assrape yours
by HyperActiveToothpick April 28, 2005
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