The Equation of Life

Notice carefully:
8=D is the formula for the penis.
Putting this formula in parentheses () symbolizes insertion into the vagina.
Since all life comes from this magical union of the genitals, (8=D) is the universal mathematical representation of the dirty deed.
"Oh Em Gee! Anthony just totally wrote (8=D) on the chalkboard! I wonder if the teacher notices?"
by The Masked Midnight Ranger April 03, 2006
Top Definition
I though it was a smiley face. I used it everywhere. Now I'm banned from lots of forums. =(
Me: I'm so happy! 8=D

Admin: Why, you like penis? *BANNZOR*
by Meijer's! July 20, 2005
A penis
other examples:
"i told him 8=D was a math problem and wrote it all over his book and he was fine with it. What a dumbass!"
by trayvaughn deshauvenston March 20, 2005
A delighted gentleman with sunglasses on his head.

That, or a very unhappy gentleman who isn't very well-endowed.
1. Look at my cool shades! 8=D

2. My penis is so small. : 8=D
by veXxv July 29, 2006
A happy Hitler without pupils.
Person: 8=D
Someone else: I am so offended, don't you know I'm Jewish?
by herpity derpty August 28, 2014
It's the happy chef, as coined by me and my friend. Yes, we know what It was originally intended for.
WastedJamacan: hey 5up3rh4x0r, it's the happy chef 8=D
5up3rh4x0r: Yeah well my chef hat is taller 8==D
5up3rh4x0r: :3
by WastedJamacan November 21, 2009
You know what it is! It's a STIFFIE!!!! hahaha! All you have to do is go up to someone and say "eight equals Dee" and they wont know what the fuck your saying! It gives a boring day a little boost of fun! If you know what I mean.
Hey! 8=D.......and 8 will always = D!!!!

by C=Dizzle January 22, 2007

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