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A delighted gentleman with sunglasses on his head.

That, or a very unhappy gentleman who isn't very well-endowed.
1. Look at my cool shades! 8=D

2. My penis is so small. : 8=D
by veXxv July 29, 2006
VNV (Victory, Not Vengeance) Nation is one of the groups who helped to found the hybrid genre of futurepop, which is a mix of industrial, EBM, and other techno-based elements. The group is headed by Ronan Harris and Mark Jackson.

VNV Nation's lyrics have focused on many subjects over the years, from war to society, from love to hate, and many other personal subjects with a unique approach to songwriting.

The band has released several albums, a DVD, and have performed in many venues, including some in the United States.
VNV Nation is a band that has been going strong since 1990.
by veXxv July 29, 2006
A way to distract oneself from otherwise haunting, real-life tasks.
I have a ten-page paper due tomorrow, and I haven't even started. Ahh, fuck. *opens up StepMania*
by veXxv May 03, 2007
1. An travel company available through the wonderful service known as the Internet.
2. A terrible soft drink that sold for about a week in 1996, which had tiny balls floating in it, that, according to Wikipedia (and my own experience), had the "consistency of soggy bread."
1. I booked a flight for really cheap on Orbitz.
2. I remember drinking some Orbitz back in the day, and almost letting loose a technicolor yawn.
by veXxv December 11, 2006

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