Affectionately referred to as the "Triple Seven", a commercial aircraft manufactured by the Boeing Company of Chicago, IL. The 777 is a large twin-engine aircraft capable of seating between 300 and 400 passengers on flights up to over 10,000 statute miles at .84 Mach. The 777 is a very innovative aircraft, being the first commercial jetliner designed 100% in CATIA (computer aided three-dimenional interactive aplications) and featuring fly-by-wire flight controls, advanced avionics and electronics, innovative materials, and aerodynamic features that enhance efficiency. The 777 is a strong performer, roundly beating out the Airbus A330/340 series in speed, payload, range, fuel efficiency, wider fuselage, and low empty weight.
My trip on the 777 was so relaxing.
by Boeing Rules! March 31, 2005
This is the number that you should text if you ever want to text God. Yes, he WILL read it. Do this complementary to your prayers and a healthy relationship with God is guaranteed.
Have you texted God yet?

No, what's his number?

by God's bff Jill June 19, 2009
The number of the moose... as told in JTHM.
THe moose must love that God guy up thurr.
by Squee July 23, 2004
pejorative term for an excessively promiscuous person (commonly referencing a woman), slut
Damn that female is straight up 777!
by Viscount Scott May 21, 2008
The number of the moose. Taken from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac by Jhonen Vasquez.
Hey, 777! Is that like some really lucky number or something?
by a.d March 14, 2006
the number of God.
the number of perfection
the number of.... coolness.

it's the number
that everyone should worship
cause it's just great,
it's just too damn great.

ok nuff said.
777 = god
underøath = christian band
kay peace
by alexfromunderoath.com January 14, 2007
Boeing's new longrange airliner. Comes in 777-200,-200ER,-200LR,-300,&-300ER. The twin-engine schiznit! Has EFIS, and three engine manufaturer options (Prat & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, and G.E.P), and operiated by a plethora of airlines all ova da world.
Thank heaven- it's the Boeing 777!
by Shane February 19, 2005
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