a number u need to get on the slots
7..7..bar...aww shit this machines fucked up
lemme try it again
by Fellupahill69 April 23, 2004
A number luckier than 77, but not as lucky as 7777.
Ok, one last try... 7,7,7!!!
Woo! I won the jackpot!!!!!!!!!!
by Zach G. December 06, 2003
Many believe this number to be a representing of the number of God. This perception is incorrect. This number is actually the mark of the beast, not 666 as many still believe.
It was a star seal tailored after this number used by the late Walter Crolly to supposedly summon the devil.
Also, when one consideres the idead of Las Vegas' "Lucky 7s", the 7 Seals of the Apocolypse, The 7 Deadly Sins, and the 7 Circles of Hell, one must see the blatant connection between the number 7 and evil.
(see 666)
666 is weak sauce compared to 777.
by JBrow86 October 30, 2005
The crazE shit that mAkes a niGga say "OOoooooweeeE that was sum damp weed NIGga!"
U wanna shoot sum j's nd 777 later on b- i-tch
by t*uniT May 09, 2006
The craze good shit that makes a Nigga say "Ooooowee that was sum good weed!@$"
Wanna get lit off of this 777?
by t*uniT May 09, 2006
Boeing's answer to the superior performance of the A330 and A340 series......a Airbus wannabe!
The A330 and A340 has many innovative features where the 777 is nothing more than a re-worked 767....what would you rather fly on?
by Go Airbus! March 28, 2005
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