The jersey number commonly worn by the fattest guy on every football team.
Billy Bob is fat, so he wears the 69 jersey to boost his sex appeal.
by futbol_fan January 31, 2010
To have great oral sex while the woman sucks the man's cock and the man eats the woman's pussy
Oooh.. mmmm.. suck it! suck it! UH UH UH! Keep sucking bitch!
by Fuck me bitch June 16, 2004
Possibly the most awkward number ever, due to its sexual meaning.

In public, the number 69 is either avoided or smirked at.
Mom: Honey, how much does that can of tuna cost?
Offspring: Six- er, seventy cents.

Math teacher: The homework tonight is on page 69 to 71.
(Students giggle)
by iloveawkwardsituations August 31, 2010
A "69" interuppted by a period.
A "69" with a woman on the cotton pony
by -TheMajor- January 16, 2003
A form of oral sex where all involed get some at the same time. Great to do you both get extremely horny and it all gets better.
Yo, me and the quartedback last night did some 69 and damn was it hot. I sucked and sucked better than I ever have before while he cummed all over my face and he licked me and licked me, wow, next time he wins I will be glad to 69 him some more!
by Lannie Marie February 20, 2009
a sex position, the man and woman lay in opposite directions. the man gives the woman oral, while she gives him a blowjob
cant really think of an example for this one
by Matt James August 04, 2005
the best number ever
whats your favourite number? 69!!!
by vaginalrectum July 10, 2008
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