Around Copenhagen, Denmark, you will see the number 69 written on walls and other places attractive to graffiti writers.

A natural part of the modern urban freedom fighting is graffiti, and the number "69" has been a symbol for the Danish movement for freedom and cultural diversity, resulting in "69" being a popular tag when graffiti writers want to express themselves.

It refers to a house known as "Ungdomshuset" (or "Ungeren"), which had the street address "Jagtvej 69" in Copenhagen. Ungdomshuset - literally "the Youth House" - was in the year of 1982 given by The City of Copenhagen to the youth squatting movement in the city. This was to bring peace to the city, after the movement through the 70's and early 80's had been occupying several buildings around the city. Actually, The City of Copenhagen didn't give the building to the movement, but only the right to use it.

In 1999 the city sold the building (and thereby the right to use it), and the young people had to leave the house. But they didn't, and kept the house until March 1st 2007 when the building was cleared by the police. In the morning of March 5th the demolition of the house began, and in less than 48 hours the house was gone, leaving nothing but an empty ground, afterwards commonly known as "Ground 69".

Since then, a movement for freedom and cultural diversity has grown large and strong in Denmark, and particularly the Copenhagen area. Fighting against the cultural rectification that the Danish government and the politicians of Copenhagen have been practicing.

A lot of demonstrations and happenings have been held. Not only in Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark, as the movement has also received a lot of support from friends all around the world.
- Have you seen all the 69's spray painted all over the city?

- Yeah... We will never give up on this fight for cultural freedom and diversity.
by pablouno April 12, 2007
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Simultaneous oral sex. Can be practised by M+M, M+F or F+F.

The reference is that the numerals 6 and 9 are inverted versions of each other, reflecting the physical position that the couple must adopt when engaged in this sexual practice.
The two girls were in a 69, licking each other's pussies.
by starflier December 08, 2003
A position where the male licks the female's vagina and the female sucks the male's penis...could be used for male on male or female on female action it should not be considered intercourse because it is only position that every one talks about and makes jokes about untill they experience it for the first time.
most popular number spoken about by teens next to 420.
- "i b 6 u b 9" - "how bout we 68 and I'll owe you 1"
by Henry Hennessy February 13, 2004
The highest number you can do as factorial on a standard calculator. 70 causes mathematical eroor.
69! = very big number
by Gaterz March 26, 2004
Simultaneous fellatio and cunnilingus - the female sucks the male's dick while he eats her pussy out. Gay and lesbian versions of 69 are also practiced.
How about some 69 with Michael Moore? Supa chow!
by GuidoPosse69 February 06, 2005
A number between 68 and 70.

I'm going to count to 70.
1 2 3..............67 68 69 70.
by crexor April 06, 2006
69 When a girl is sucking on your cock while u are upside down eating her pussy.
i did 69 with this skank last night TWICE!!
by jave hardy February 27, 2005
Simultaneous oral sex.
The couple engaged in 69, so neither were left out...
by Mysterious Ms. A June 29, 2002
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