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a strenuous activity in which a male must lick a female's lower body opening in order to pleasure her while the female can easily access his dodongo and enjoy sucking on it, forcing the male to have to concentrate on the sensations he is receiving in his penis while also on the sensations he is trying to help his partner achieve
i had it rough last night......69

Let's do 69!

How bout we pleasure each other orally by you sucking my penis and I eat your vagina for dinner?
by Charlie Batch December 05, 2009
the best number ever
whats your favourite number? 69!!!
by vaginalrectum July 10, 2008
1. A common year, starting on a Sunday, of the Julian calendar.

2. 69 BC - A year of the pre-Julian calendar.

3. A number following 68 and preceding 70.

4. A group of sex positions in which two people align themselves so that each person's mouth is near the other's genitals, simultaneously performing oral sex.

5. A roman-a-clef novel by Ryu Murakami.

6. A 2004 film adaptation of Ryu Murakami's novel 69.

7. *69 - A telephone feature code offered by telephone service providers to give a called party the time and telephone number of the last received call, and may also offer the facility to place a call back to the calling party.

8. Texas State Highway 112, formerly designated as State Highway 69 - a short segment highway that runs through the northern portions of Eastland County.

9. Interstate 69 - An Interstate Highway in the United States.
In the year 69, not 69 BC, at 69 years old, I 69'ed the novel 69 after I watched the movie 69. Then, I called my aunt, using *69, then decided to visit her. I took State Highway 69, then took a left of Interstate 69, and pulled up to her house.
by mypetfly June 06, 2010
A Sex Position where the male eats the women out and the women gives head to the male.
Whats your favorite position?
69 bitch! Yours?
69! ..
You wanna do it?
by I <3 69! July 12, 2009
A Midwestern Interstate that begins (depending on direction of travel) in Indianapolis, Indiana and heads northeast to Fort Wayne, Indiana, Lansing, Michigan and Flint, Michigan before it ends at Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. At present, its total length is just under 400 miles, but an extension down to Texas is in the works.
69 has no scenery whatsoever, unless you like flat cornfields.
by krock1dk December 08, 2007
a sexual position where a man lays on the floor and eats the woman out and the woman gives the man a blowjob while laying on top of him
Me and my girlfriend are gonna 69 in the bathroom.
by the 24 7 skater May 31, 2006
'69 = 1969
I was born in '61,
and 8 in '69.
by Mike Comanche March 05, 2009