A widely overused number in Internet Screen names. Second only to 420 in number popularity.
sk8terboi69: my nick rocks!
llamasRfun69420: my nicks pwns you!
by rezzix November 14, 2002
The average IQ of the American politician.
A: "What's the IQ of the average American politician?"

B: "69"

A: "Hmm, what a coincidence..."
by FuctButSects October 17, 2010
A form of "double-oral". In 69, one partner, gives oral to the other, and vice versa, named so 69, because 6 and 9 are inverts of eachother, symbolizing the type of sex. Can be practiced Male+Female, Male+Male, or Female+Female. A form of cunnilingus.
1. Dude, check out this video of your mom 69ing your girlfriend!
by Michaleawinans@aol.com December 16, 2007
when a girl lays on a man and sucks on his cock and the man sticks his tounge in and out of her pussy making her moan.
Charlie:watching tv in the living room
Jason and Leandra:walk into Leandra's room and lock the door
Charlie: oh fuck they're going to 69
Jason:suck my cock harder bitch!!!
Leandra:screaming "oh god oh yes harder jason go faster!!!"
Jason: you like that!
Leandra:yes yes yes yes yes dont stop
Charlie:damn hes really eating her out
Charlie:wow leandra must be good at sucking cocks
Jason:holy fuck you suck my cock really fast and hard
Leandra:jason i love when we 69 it feels so fucking good
Jason and Leandra walk out
Charlie: you know i was listening the whole time
Leandra:yeah why do you think we did it
Jason: lol
Leandra: lol
Charlie:wtf lol
by jason_boy October 27, 2007
A session of 69 which is interrupted by the woman having a period.
that bitch was all 6.9 up in my face you know?
by BuddhaBuddy March 20, 2004
a sexual intercourse position, where thefamale sucks the males's penis and the male licks her vagaina
who about some 69 baby!
by heesh April 04, 2002
when 2 partners give oral pleasureing on top of each other at the same exact time.
69 man eats the taco (vagina, pussy, cave, etc..) and while woman sucks on the straw (penis, dick, hot-dog, tube-steak, meat, etc..). you see how the 6 and the 9 are upside the mean cock suck and pussy lick.
by slg gabbard April 22, 2006

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