When the female licks down on the guy's dick and gives him a blow job while the male eats her out.
"Oooh...uhh...Ohhh, don't stop. Oh...keep going, I'm 'bout to orgasm, ohhh..."
by Busta Move July 04, 2004
to lay on 1 another the male facing the vagina and the female facing the penis and then perform oral sex
lets try to 69 baby ....please
by nigga February 28, 2005
It's when a girl sucks a man's dick while at the same time, the man is eating/licking the women's pussy to get the cum.
Hell Yeah! 69 Baby!
by Anonymous May 29, 2003
where a girl lays on top of the guy and sucks his dick while he licks her pussy...which looks like a 69...
or could be male on male
female on female...
man last night was fun as fuck we 69'd...i licked her pussy and it tasted hella fresh
by Spitzo December 04, 2005
A number nerds put infront of their screen names when they think they are being funny or creative.
Joey: Hey bob look at my screen name its skater69. hahaha aren't i cool?

Bob: Yes, now lets go play Everquest, then read some world of warcraft novels, and magic the card game.
by Action Hank April 11, 2006
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