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The vacuous drones who worship at the altar of Oprah Winfrey. Mainly made up of middle-age feminists and women with penises.
I tried to have a rational debate with a co-worker today. Turned out she was one of Oprah's minions. Ugh.
by Lovekraft December 31, 2008
Someone who is versed in all matters pertaining to comic books. Can recite facts and story lines in an instant.
Most knowledge is found to be completely irrelevant to the rest of the world.
"I'm not a comic book nerd."
"Yes, you are. You know that Thor's magic hammer is called Mjolnir."
by Lovekraft February 17, 2009
To nominate someone. But put in modern terms, it is to be overly pretentious, thinking hollywood award show nominations mean anything to the regular joe.
Kevin Spacey is such a stellar actor. I am not surprised he got the nod from the academy.
by Lovekraft January 14, 2009
ANYTHING BUT THIS syndrome occurs when a relationship sours and your significant other doesn't care where the two of you go, as long as it's separate ways. Reconciliation is impossible.
I think my girlfriend has ABT syndrome. No matter how hard I try, it's just not good enough.
by Lovekraft January 12, 2009
A dolt. Someone who ISN'T smarter than a Fifth Grader.
Man, Louis is such a 4th grader. He couldn't even remember his own birthdate.
by Lovekraft November 25, 2008
What you call your new pair of winter boots that give you blisters and other pain before being worked in.
Man, my feet are killing me. It'll take another week to work these blister boots in.
by Lovekraft January 28, 2009
When crouched over a Scrabble game for too long, standing up gives you Scrabble Back - usually applies to those over forty years old.
OK, that's N-O-V-A for seven points. I need a drink. Agh! Major scrabbleback! Ah, it hurts.
by Lovekraft January 14, 2009
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