Slang for sex with a quadroplegic.
I totally just 49-ed with that dude in a wheel chair.
by Toee September 16, 2006
4 in chinese is "say"
9 in chinese is "gou"
now tell that to a chinese person...
dumass: hey you chinese, "say gou"
chinese:49, eh?
by chineseChi September 25, 2008
When you do something or say something gay around your friends.
"I like your shirt, it makes you look hot." "Dude! 49!"
by Alex June 02, 2004
another word for acid
Go get me some 49 so we can have some REAL fun.
by Woodstock June 17, 2004
A word/number joke insdie joke that many now freshman have carried from middle school. Appears everywhere.
"Oh my god, we are on page 49!!!!!"
-Murph in writing lab
by brit March 06, 2004
a reference from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. 49 is the answer to the unanswered, infinite question.
the computer: I have the answer
the girls: what is it? (thinking finally, after 1 million years)
the computer: the answer is...49
by love me forever April 03, 2006

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