When you do something or say something gay around your friends.
"I like your shirt, it makes you look hot." "Dude! 49!"
by Alex June 02, 2004
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Among Native Americans, an after pow wow party featuring socializing with booze, drugs and snagging.
Buck got so wasted at the 49 last night that he passed out in the back of his pickup.
#party #kegger #celebration #social #meet and greet
by Peugeotjoker September 15, 2006
any type of explosion that happens in your pants.
"that girl was soo HOT, i just had a 4-9"

"i 4-9ed , does anyone have a tampon?"
#period #jizz #shit #explosion #diharria
by sotella April 15, 2010
When a man puts pop-rocks inside a woman's vagina and then proceeds to have sex with her, delivering a pleasurable sensation to both member's genitals. The term is derived from the "49ers" who prospected rocks in San Francisco in 1849.
Man 1: Check out the freak over there--I bet she's down to do the weird stuff.
Man 2: Dude, she's totally DT49.
#forty-nine #fortynine #pop rocks #sex #disco stick
by theelleshize January 13, 2010
A slang term for those lame traffic cops that can only give you parking tickets.
Bill- " Oh snap! it's the Five- Oh!"
Pete- " Nahhh b... don't worry, its just those weak ass 4-9's"
#parking police #cops #losers #5-o #nancy drew
by Miss Yonkers '72 November 24, 2008
An oral sex position "blow-job". Derived from 69 and appearance of the numbers.

Related: Blow Job, Blowjob, BJ, 69.
Gal: I like 69.
Guy: I like 49.
Gal: What's that?
Guy: It's like 69 but non-symbiotic.
Gal: But I want to be on the receiving end!
Guy: Everyone does.
#blow job #blowjob #bj #49 #69
by hippy2981 November 03, 2006
Something that is worse than a 3.7.
Man Billy, your 3.7 way kicks my 4.9's ass!
#4.9 #winning #boats #awesomeness #the killers
by eragonlover November 18, 2010
oak hill
much better then tarrytown
or travis country

they don't even come close
i live in the 49...
i love you-49er
i can no longer speak to you-03er
#78749 #oak hill #austin #texas #heaven
by 49 November 23, 2006
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